Center of Valhalla.

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Everyone's favorite, familiar storage android. Has a custom Guild Storage feature which allows each guild to have their own private storage only guild members can access. Guild leaders can also choose to set a password on the guild storage so only certain members can access it.

Best-RO's universal warper NPC. Can be found near Kafra in every city. Options:

      Previous Warp (if available)
      Dungeons, First Floor
      Custom (Vending, Mall, Game Room, Refinery)

Tool Shop
Best-RO's universal Tool Dealer. Can be found near Kafra in every city, selling:

Red Potion
Orange Potion
Yellow Potion
White Potion
Green Potion
Blue Gemstone
Fly Wing
Butterfly Wing
Concentration Potion
Awakening Potion
Berserk Potion
Yggdrasil Leaf

One-Click Identify
Will identify every non-identified item in your inventory at once for the same cost of a magnifier without having to buy the magnifier or select any items. Just click on the NPC.

Best-RO's NPC for all donation and vote reward-related transactions, including the donation item shop. For more information, including how to claim rewards, click here. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mob Race of the Day
NPC broadcasting the current MROTD, Best-RO's custom feature allowing players to earn 5% extra exp for killing any monster with the chosen daily race. Rotates randomly every day at 0130 server time.

NPC for exchanging valor / bravery badges won in BG for exclusive gear and prizes. Viewable catalogue available through the NPC as well, with available items for purchase as well as their descriptions and costs.

Gumball Machine
NPC for exchanging Poring Coins for Gumballs. Miniboss monsters custom drop Poring Coins. Gumballs contain a variety of consumables, including font-changing powders and yggdrasil berries.

Paper Boy
News NPC. Check for event dates and any important server updates.

MvP Ladder
Check the current Top 10 MvPers, check your own MvP stats, or check last month's Top 10. Players listed by Name / # of Kills. Note: Ladder is reset each month.

PvP Rewards Shop
Exchange your PVP points for rewards here. Each item currently costs 50 points. Available items:

      Mastela Fruit Box
      Blue Potion Box
      Flame Elemental Converter Box
      Frost Elemental Converter Box
      Seismic Elemental Converter Box
      Lightning Elemental Converter Box
      Box of Drowsiness
      Box of Gloom
      Box of Panting
      Box of Resentment
      Big Defense Potion Box
      Big Magic Defense Potion Box
      Bundle of Food Box
      Sesame Pastry Box
      Honey Pastry Box
      Rainbow Cake Box
      Korean Rice Cake Box
      Blessing Scroll Box
      Increase Agility Scroll Box
      Aspersio Scroll Box
      Assumptio Scroll Box

PvP Ladder
Check the current Top 10 PvPers or check your own PvP stats. Players listed by Name / Kills / Deaths / Streaks. Note: Ladder is reset each month.

Captain Janssen
Endless Tower NPC. Speak to the Captain to be warped to the entrance of Endless Tower next to the Tower Protection Stone.

Player Settings
NPC for changing player settings. You can choose to toggle a setting on or off. If the setting is on it will run automatically each time you log in so you do not have to enter the command manually. Settings are OFF by default. Available settings:

@autoloot on/off
@noks on/off
@away on/off
@noask on/off
@showdelay on/off
@showexp on/off
@exit #main on/off[/list]

Universal Rental
Fee: 5,000 zeny
NPC for all character-related rentals. Get your cart, falcon, or Pecopeco here.

Abra Room
Fee: 50,000 zeny for 30 min, max of 2 hours
The Abra Room is a map that you can rent. It is a place for players to cast the skill "Abracadabra" till their hearts content without any fear of someone stealing especially when spawning in public. The room is for parties only where fly wings are enabled and the map can be memo'd be a Star Gladiator.

Deadbranch Room
Fee: 50,000 zeny for 30 min, max of 2 hours; 75,000 zeny to increase timer an additional 30 min
Rent any of the four available rooms to spawn your dead branches in peace and quiet. Only you and your party have access to the room when rented. Upon rental, party leader has the option to warp either him/herself only or the entire party into the room. Party members can still access your room on their own and members may come and go any time during the rental period.

Job Changer
Fee: Free
NPC for changing jobs, as well as transcending to high novice. No questing or items necessary. Must still meet level requirements for changing jobs or rebirthing.

Exiled Valkyrie
NPC in charge of the re-rebirth process. Use this NPC to re-transcend your character to a High Novice for rewards and rank. For more information, click here.

Reset Girl
Fee: 250,000 zeny for skill OR stat reset; 400,000 zeny for both
NPC for character skill / stat resets. Note: First reset is free.

Battleground Recruiter
NPC for warping to the Battlegrounds waiting room. Also contains information regarding Battlegrounds.

Platinum Skills
Fee: Free
NPC will give you all Platinum skills related to your character class in two easy clicks. No questing required.

Use this NPC to store your gangsta stacks of gold. Easy withdraw and deposit features, including the option to:

      Deposit x amount of zeny
      Deposit all onhand zeny except for x amount
      Withdraw x amount of zeny
      Withdraw all bank-stored zeny except for x amount
      Withdraw zeny so that your onhand zeny equals x amount 
      (NPC will calculate the difference for you)

Emperium Test Rooms
Fee: Free
Want to test out your damage or prove that you are the fastest Emperium Breaker? Use Best-RO's test room. This room is unique from other servers in that the Emperium inside is exactly the ones found in WoE castles. This means that skills can be used on the map but skills cannot be used on the Emperium! NPC records and displays name and time of the fastest breaker. Note: Unavailable during WoE.

Headgear Disguiser
Fee: 500,000 zeny
Want to have one headgear's stats while wearing another? Use our Disguiser NPC to wear one hat for the stats, while making it look like you're wearing a different one. Note: must own both the disguise headgear and the headgear you want to disguise.

Fee: Free
Change your character's hair style, hair color, or clothing color through this handy NPC.

Top Headgear Dyer
Fee: 100,000 zeny
Dye your top headgear up to 12 different colors using this NPC, or change your headgear back to its original color. Note: Not all headgears are available in all colors. Possible colors:


SG Resetter
Fee: 500,000 zeny for Hatred OR Feel reset; 900,000 zeny to reset both
NPC that enables Star Gladiators to reset their Hatred and Feel memos.

Item Previewer
NPC for trying on headgears (any one!). Input the item number of the headgear you wish to preview and you will be able to see it on your character and read the item's info during the preview. Note: You will not be able to move while previewing an item. You must click through the NPC's dialogue to exit the preview completely. If you press cancel during a preview before the NPC asks if you would like to stop previewing or preview another item, you will be stuck in place. You must converse with the NPC again all the way through to the end to get unstuck.

Channel Helper
Best-RO's NPC for the chat channel system. This NPC provides information on the available channel commands, including how to use the chat system, and how to create your own chat channels. Note: Private rooms are NOT moderated. If you are uncomfortable with a conversation in a private channel, leave the channel in question.

Fee: 3 Gift Boxes + 5,000 zeny per refine level of the item
Best-RO's item-autographing NPC. Get your character name signed on any non-slotted armor or weapon you own.