Pedo Bear [1]

STATS: 5% resist to Poison AND Demon

NPC: Stephanie

Location: Payon Forest (pay_fild09) 57, 135


100 Skirt of Virgin (Item ID# 1049)

100 Tiger Pantie (Item ID# 7267)

1 Isis Card (Item ID# 4116

1 Skull of Immortal (yes, the Admin. Can be obtained through weekly event.)


Click on Stephanie



Hello there


Oh hello..
Sorry I was just thinking about something..

Why are you wearing a Santa Clause outfit?


Because Master thinks it's adorable, he's so passionate about it!

Yeah, it is really cute on you.


Hehe, thanks. Master picked it out just for me, he's so thoughtful.

Your master sounds really nice, what kind of person is he?


He's a really wise, handsome and cuddly bear. He adores girls like me because of our overwhelmingly obvious beauty and cuteness. Hehe~ He's so wise and compassionate! I love him, he's taught me so much

He sounds strange, do your parents approve you seeing him?


No, why would I need my parents permission anyway? Master has shown me the light, my parents are not to be trusted. They just want to force me into things I don't want to do. All they want is for me to be in their image confined to do only what they want me to do. I'm my own person. Master is my only mentor, the only person I look up to. He's so amazing.

So what has he taught you?


Oh well.. Knowledge about life and my body.. Experience.. Reality.. He's such a great person. I love making him happy any way I can..

Is there any way I can help make him happy?


Well, he's really a fan of beautiful women and fashion! I know he'd really appreciate it if you brought me some things in his honor.
I could give you an item in his image as a reward for helping me make him happy, how does that sound?

What do you want me to bring?


Well, I know he'd love these items to add to his collection.
x100 Skirt of Virgin
x100 Tiger Pantie
x1 Isis Card
x1 Skull of Immortal

I've brought my offering for Master!


Oh wow, you're amazing!
--Stephanie takes offerings--
I'm sure he'll be overjoyed that I got these for him. Oh my, maybe he'll teach me another lesson tonight. Mmm...
Uh, oh right. Here's your reward for helping me please master.This hat is made in his image, isn't he charming?
--You receive Pedo Bear Hat--
Good luck, I hope you enjoy his image as much as I have. Hehe~